Howdy, folks! Due to the sheer number of Furry Trio websites, I have decided to provide y'all with a "hub" of sorts to navigate more easily. Here it is. Have a great day.
--Wolf McDog, President, Furry Trio Enterprises, Ltd.

Furry Trio Q&A

What the heck is this... "Furry Trio" anyway?

Well, it all started on the only slide in town at the time about six or seventy years ago... We were all about four and creating our own S*nic the Hedgehog characters for unknown reasons. They were way cooler than anyone else's, of course, and soon outgrew the minuscule constraints of the mere S*nic the Hedgehog universe. Leaving S*nic in the dust, we evolved. Blick and Sunny are no longer even close to looking like hedgehogs. Seriously. Just look at them. What the heck are those? I still look like a wolf however... I guess.

What's with all these different "versions"... I guess?

We are very indecisive people. So whenever we feel like living on present-day Earth and being SWAT-type operators, we dive into the Omega universe. I swear our John Clark has no relation whatsoever to Rainbow Six's John Clark. If for some reason we feel like living in the 40th century, we warp to the Star 3 universe and drive walking tanks and still use present-day firearms. Don't tell anybody, but there's actually a secret unlockable third universe in which we wear haz-mat suits at all times and sing Dire Straits songs forever.

What lies in The Furry Trio's future?

Epic motion pictures, funny comics, video games, and eventually the world.

You guys are Republicans, right? I mean, all those guns...

Don't be a fool! The average Republican politician doesn't want you to have guns any more than the average Democrat does. We forsook political parties and "the system" millennia ago. We go around pestering the CIA incessantly now. Sometimes, though, we vote for Libertarians just to spite you.

Are you right-wing extremist whackos?

Whatever floats your boat.

Is this getting really out of hand now?


Your sites are all very invalid and use tables in very poor taste and the criticized "frames" feature. Why's that?

They were created long before our web designer went pro and grew some brain cells. Hopefully we'll get a new valid XHTML 1.0 Strict site augmented with CSS 2.1 or higher some time soon.

That would rock pretty hard.