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Name: Ashley Casey Gray

Nickname: Ash

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Date of Birth: June 21, 3999

Species: Fox

Weight: 100 lbs.

Height: 5' 2"

Walker: None

Favorite Weapon(s):
(Close-Quarters Load Out) HK MP5-N, H&K MK23
(Medium-Range Load Out) HK MP5-N, H&K MK23
(Long-Range Load Out) HK MP5-N, H&K MK23

Friends: Wolf, Blick, Sunny, and Dave

Marital Status: Single

Brother(s): None

Sister(s): None

Parents: James and Mary Gray

Hobbies: Keeping the Trio in line and playing computer games

Likes: Computers and the great outdoors

Dislikes: Popcorn that is lacking butter

Ashley was born on Menos in Ejjilay. She lived like most any normal kid would. When she turned 17 she left home and went out to find a job. She ended up working as a salesperson at Sal's Used Hovercraft Superstore. When she was 23, she met Wolf, Sunny, and Blick, who were there looking for a cheap hovercraft after the incident at the little town they used to live at. They never did buy anything. A little while later, she heard that they bought some equipment from a retired mercenary and started a mercenary team called Star 3. She asked if she could join them, and they accepted. The group soon headed out to look for some contracts. Nowadays, she is in charge of communications, operational area scanning, and piloting their dropship.