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Name: David Fleching

Nickname: Dave

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Date of Birth: January 3, 3994

Species: Human

Weight: 170 lbs.

Height: 6'

Walker: None

Favorite Weapon(s):
(Close-Quarters Load Out) H&K MK23
(Medium-Range Load Out) M136 Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher, H&K MK23
(Long-Range Load Out) M136 Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher, H&K MK23

Friends: Sunny, Blick, Ashley, and Wolf

Marital Status: Single

Brother(s): Guy Fleching

Sister(s): Debbie Fleching

Parents: Bernie and Harriet Fleching

Hobbies: Messing with computers

Likes: Cold Morning Dew and computers

Dislikes: Warm Morning Dew and computer crashes

Dave was born on Kote. He lived in a small village in a forest in the middle of nowhere. He lived like any normal kid. When he was 16, Core Mining came and destroyed his village and put up a mining facility in its place. Fortunately, everyone escaped and went to a neighboring village. Dave left the village to get off the planet in hopes of putting Core Mining out of business. He hitched a ride on a cargo transport leaving the planet. Near Menos, they hit a bad ion storm and the ship had to land at Ejjilay on Menos to make repairs. During their stay there, Dave met Wolf, Blick, and Sunny. They got to know each other and he played a few rounds of Space Destroyers at the arcade with Wolf. (Wolf  lost, by the way.) They told him how they made a mercenary team called Star 3 and that they needed some recruits. So, Dave decided to stay on Menos and help out with Star 3. Nowadays, he is driving the armored personnel carrier (APC) for the Trio on missions without Walkers, and he also works the operational area scanners.