Blick Blanks

Name: Blick Blanks

Nickname: None

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Date of Birth: March 12, 4002

Species: Hedgehog

Weight: 106 lbs.

Height: 5' 4"

Walker: Ziljing Mack

Favorite Weapon(s):
(Close-Quarters Load Out) H&K MP5SD6, H&K MK23
(Medium-Range Load Out) Bushmaster XM15 E2S M4A3-Type Carbine, H&K MK23
(Long-Range Load Out) Bushmaster XM15 E2S M4A3-Type Carbine (Scoped), H&K MK23

Friends: Sunny, Wolf, Ashley, and Dave

Marital Status: Single

Brother(s): None

Sister(s): None

Parents: Eric and Jodie Blanks

Hobbies: Blowing things up, playing the guitar, and playing first-person shooters

Likes: Walkers, video games, money, blowing things up, and cold Morning Dew

Dislikes: Warm Morning Dew, bad smells, and computer crashes

Blick was born in a big city on Micc. He was much better off than Wolf was. He and his parents lived in an apartment. All his childhood he liked guns, and he owned many non-firing models. This screwed him up. When he turned 16 he went out on his own and tried to start up "the greatest fast food franchise ever." Unfortunately, things didn't quite turn out as he planned, and he ended up having to borrow money from an organized crime lord. He found a job as the demolitions expert on a mining operation on Gekel, to gain the money needed to pay his loan-shark back. This gave him a love of bombs and explosions and screwed him up further. Then when the time came for him to pay the crime lord back, he didn't have enough money. So he simply left the planet and headed to Menos, a planet that nobody really knows, or cares, about. After he turned 20, somehow the crime lord found out he was there, and sent some overstuffed gorillas with Walkers to hunt him down and get his money... then dispose of him. While Blick was hiding out, he met Wolf and Sunny. Shortly after, the crime lord's henchmen found him and leveled the town he was hiding at. Wolf, Blick, and Sunny made their way to Ejjilay, the biggest town and the only one with a spaceport on Menos. They decided that the best thing to do was to become bounty hunters or mercenaries, the only problem was... they didn't have a ship, or Walkers, or anything. They went bargain hunting for something to get them started, and they came across a retired mercenary that wanted to sell all his equipment so he could move to Callice. The equipment he wanted to sell were three medium Walkers, a dropship, and an APC. They bought the equipment, and pretty much went broke doing it. They lived in their Walkers for a while and did as many jobs as they could find. Eventually they made enough money to buy material to build a hangar for their Walkers. They decided to call themselves Star 3.