Sunny Light

Name: Sunny Jake Light

Nickname: Rising Sun/King of AK

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Date of Birth: August 19, 3998

Species: Hedgehog

Weight: 105 lbs.

Height: 5' 3"

Walker: Burner

Favorite Weapon(s):
(Close-Quarters Load Out) AK-47, H&K MK23
(Medium-Range Load Out) AK-47/Bushmaster XM15 E2S A3-Type Rifle w/Colt M203, H&K MK23
(Long-Range Load Out) Barrett M82A3, H&K MK23

Friends: Wolf, Blick, Ashley, and Dave

Marital Status: Single

Brother(s): None

Sister(s): None

Parents: Jake and Kristy Light

Hobbies: Inventing new and original ways to burn things, playing the guitar, and playing drums

Likes: Guns, Walkers, cold root beer, burning things, and computers, 

Dislikes: Warm root beer, jammed guns, computer crashes, and broken Walkers

Sunny was born on the world of Menos, a planet that nobody really knows, or cares, about. When Sunny turned 13 he and his parents moved to the world of Gekel. They stayed the several long years. At age 20 he decided that he would go to Callice to look for a new line of work. On his way there, his ship lost 3 of 4 power cells, and he was forced to land on Menos. He didn't have enough money to buy any power cells, so he decided to stay there. He sold his ship and used the money to rent a room at the inn/saloon that 27-year-old Wolf McDog worked at. That's how they met. He finally found a job at Joe's Garage down the street from the saloon. Wolf and Sunny decided to both save up some money to buy a ship to get off Menos. Three years later they still didnít have enough money to buy a ship, and at that time they met 20-year-old Blick Blanks, who was hiding out on Menos from some thugs whom he owed money. Wolf, Sunny, and Blick made their way to Ejjilay, the biggest town and the only one with a spaceport on Menos. They decided that the best thing to do was to become bounty hunters or mercenaries. They started looking around for different ships and Walkers. They never were able to find anything in the price range they where looking for. As they where searching they went to a place called "Sal's Used Hovercraft Superstore". There they met a 23-year-old Ashley Gray. They didn't find any vehicles in their price range there either. At that time a few blocks down the superstore was a retired mercenary who was getting rid of three Walkers a APC and a drop ship, all in a good price range. The trio bought the equipment, but they went broke doing it. For the next year they lived in their Walkers. A few years later, they had made enough money to build a hangar. Now, they go around the galaxy fighting back against the corrupt law enforcement and mining corporations. When they are not off doing heroic deeds, Sunny spends his time as the team's mechanic, fixing the walkers and doing odds and ends.