Wolf McDog

Name: Wolf McDog

Nickname: Shredder

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Date of Birth: August 5, 3991

Species: Wolf

Weight: 250 lbs.

Height: 6' 4"

Walker: Walker Industries Falcon

Favorite Weapon(s):
(Close-Quarters Load Out) H&K MP5-SD6/H&K MP5/10A3, H&K MK23
(Medium-Range Load Out) Bushmaster XM15 E2S M4A3-Type Carbine, H&K MK23
(Long-Range Load Out) Barrett M82A1, H&K MP5SD6, H&K MK23

Friends: Sunny, Blick, Ashley, and Dave

Marital Status: Single

Brother(s): None

Sister(s): Martha McDog

Parents: Arnold and Jane McDog

Hobbies: Playing the guitar

Likes: Guns, Walkers, cold root beer, shooting things with missiles, and computers

Dislikes: Warm root beer, jammed guns, and computer crashes

Wolf was born on Callice. He grew up in the slums of its major city. His parents were the only peacekeepers around; they would defend the innocent and beat up on the thugs. When Wolf was 12, Core Mining came to the slums and picked up all the people to become slaves. Unfortunately, Wolf's parents and sister were captured and he doesn't know where they were sent. He managed to escape Core Mining's soldiers and stowed away on a transport headed for Menos, a planet that nobody really knows, or cares, about. Once there he just wandered around doing various jobs for people and dodging the many thugs and pirates. At age 16 he got a more permanent job as a bouncer at a saloon/inn in one of Menos' rare towns. At age 28, he was still working as a bouncer, since it was the only job he was really good at and the manager let him stay in one of the rooms upstairs, he met 20-year-old Sunny Light, who had just arrived on Menos and was as jobless as he was when he arrived. They became friends and Sunny got a job as a mechanic at Joe's Garage down the street from the saloon. A year later, Wolf and Sunny decided to start saving up money to buy a ship to get off of Menos. When Wolf turned 31, they still didn't have nearly enough money to buy a ship and then they met Blick, a 20-year-old who came to town to hide out from some thugs whom he owed money. He told Wolf and Sunny about his problem, and then the thugs found him. They were mad, and they had Walkers. They ended up blowing up the whole town, but everybody managed to escape. Wolf, Blick, and Sunny made their way to Ejjilay, the biggest town and the only one with a spaceport on Menos. They decided that the best thing to do was to become bounty hunters or mercenaries, the only problem was... they didn't have a ship, or Walkers, or anything. They went bargain hunting for something to get them started, and they came across a retired mercenary that wanted to sell all his equipment so he could move to Callice. The equipment he wanted to sell were three medium Walkers, a dropship, and an APC. They bought the equipment, and pretty much went broke doing it. They lived in their Walkers for a while and did as many jobs as they could find. Eventually they made enough money to buy material to build a hangar for their Walkers. They decided to call themselves Star 3.